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יעל וישניצקי לוי וסטניסלב וולבל (פולין): קווי ערד


Hereby we certify that the artist Yael Vishnizki-Levi and the curator Stanisław Weblel are invited by Arad Contemporary Art Center in the city of Arad, Israel to participate in a performative action and an artist-talk. The event will take place in the course of our current exhibition “De Zone” where their work is presented. The exhibition on view until June 16th 2018

Yael Vishnizki-Levi and Stanisław Welbel participated as an artistic duo in the residency program at Arad Art&Architecture throughout May 2017. They were supported by the Polish Institute in Tel-Aviv. During their stay they developed the project“Aradlines” a participatory project in a form of an artistic hiking trail. The trail crosses different areas in and around the city of Arad both in its residential and deserted parts. In the exhibition they present a gallery version of the project in the form of an interactive installation.

As part of the public program of the exhibition we would like to invite Yael Vishnizki-Levi and Stanisław Weblel to participate in an artist-talk and lead a day long guided tour in selected parts of the “Aradlines” trail. We were very happy to include in our current exhibition, the work which they developed during their stay in Arad as it not only resonates with the theme of the exhibition but was also enthusiastically accepted by the community of Arad. Their project tackles important issues of the city which has a complex history and a dynamic social structure. The artist duo is still working on the project in order to make it permanent and recognised as a touristic attraction by the local and national authorities. The opportunity to host the authors of the work in Arad will be not only a unique chance for a personal meeting between the creators and the audience of our center but also another important step towards its final realisation and an opportunity to further promote their project. Unfortunately, the limited budget of our institution does not allow us to fund overseas travels for the participating artists. Therefore, we hope that you could support their travels from Warsaw to Arad and back.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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