בן יאיר 28 ערד, מתנ"ס ערד קומה א'

ben yair 28 arad - 1st floor

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מטיאס וסבסטיאן (אוסטריה וגרמניה): אבנים


Matthias Kranebitter (*1980) is a composer from Vienna/Austria. In his music he works with dense accumulation and mash-up from everyday life sounds to a flittering-colourful and hyper-heterogenic sound flood, often with an ironic ambivalence.

Sebastian Gräfe (*1976) is a visual artist from Berlin/Germany. His conceptual works often reflect the relationship between man and nature in a poetic way and with a subtle sense of humour.

For their second collaboration they team up in Arad to explore audiovisual forms of communicating with desert stones.


 עבודות קודמות



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