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דני וויליאמסון: Meeting points

In desert - on water.

While it’s easy to make the quick, surface comparisons between the extremeness of the desert and the lushness of a river basin, my time in Arad has propelled me into questions of relational correspondences, rather than just on likeness and contrast.

Meeting points ( ( ) )

We carry our place-ness with us.

The in-between is the relationship of “A” and “B”

What are the artifacts of a repeated conversation?

What are instances in which you are stationary and your environment moves around you?

Conversely, when your environment is stationary and you move through it?

Both move when you move.

Time is experienced differently here. The environment engulfs you to the point of feeling that you are astatic point amidst a constantly rolling landscape. Slower movement in vast expanses.

On the Danube River, it’s obvious to point out the movement of the water and see the channels and tributaries that branch from it. We see the water. Here, there are traces of water that are seen through the marks it leaves on the landscape.

Flow as early morning traffic

As late night phone calls

As the buzz of electricity on the electrical poles next to the house

As the howls of the animals at night

As the blues becoming reds becoming blues


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